Gasket Making

Gaskets are in our name! Thanks to our two Flow Waterjets, die press, and skilled hand fabricators we are capable of cutting virtually any 2-dimensional gasket shape. We have dimensional data for standard commercial and navy flanges and the ability to store drawings for custom gaskets made per customer's specifications.See our gasket gallery below... Challange us! There is nearly nothing we cannot do! View our Gasket Gallery to see more.

When ordering gaskets the following information is required:

  • Thickness
  • Shape (Flange style and pressure class if applicable)
  • Material
    • Sales staff can aide in material selection. For best product selection it helps to know: temperature, application, media, and pressure.


General Service Chart for Rubber Gaskets

Application Compound
Air/Water Red Rubber, Neoprene
Petroleum Products Nitrile, Cork
High Heat (400oF) Silicone, Fluorocarbon
Chemicals EPDM, Silicone, Fluorocarbon
Ozone EPDM
Abrasion Gum
Low Torque Gum,  Mil-R-900F, Sponge
High Torque HH-P-151F, Mil-R-21252
Food Grade White Nitrile



General Service Chart for Compressed Gaskets

Application Material
Air/Water General Pupose Green, 3200
Petroleum Products General Purpose Green, 3000
High Heat (900oF) 3125SS
Extreme Heat (900oF +) CALL
Chemicals PTFE, 3504
Steam (low pressure) 3200
Steam (high pressure) 3125SS
Exhaust (900oF) 3125SS
Leak-Prone 3760