CBRG Capabilities


Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket is proud to offer our customers the finest in fabrication and hose assembly technology.


Our exclusive Norfolk location houses some of the most sophisticated industrial rubber, hose, and belt fabrication equipment available. These are some important details you need to know about Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket:

  • We have two Flow waterjet machines in house capable of cutting any material on Earth other than tempered glass
  • Our industrial hose crimper gives our customers access to the finest hose systems
  • Your hoses can be hydrostatically tested and certified with order
  • We stock belt and lacing to assemble conveyor belts per your spcifications
  • All of our many industrial rubber products can be stripped and chamfered to size
  • We pledge to respond faster and friendlier than our competition should we have any


Waterjet Fabrication & Gasket Making

Click here for more info on standard and custom gasket fabrication, or to learn about what waterjet cutting, the fastest growing machining process in the world, can do for you.


Hose Assembly & Testing

Click here for information on our testing abilities, or to learn about hose crimping: the very best in hose system manufacturing.


Conveyor Belt Assembly

Click here to view our conveyor belt assembly capabilities.


Rubber Stripping

Click here to find out how you get your material in any width today!