Industries Served

Military & Defense

Chesapeake Bay Rubber has served those who serve for over 30 years in Hampton Roads. With great appreciation for the men and women in the US armed forces we proudly specialize in Mil-Spec fluid sealing materials, rubber compounds, and hose assemblies. With extensive experience with the Naval and commercial waterfront trust CBR&G to find the solution you need. Some noteable products and services for this industry include:


  • Mil-spec gasket materials & rubber compounds
  • Mil-spec metallic gaskets
  • Mil-spec matting products
  • Mil-spec adhesives & sealants
  • Shipyard ducting
  • Tank truck, steam, CHT, sewage, air, & water hose assmelbies
  • Radome & sonar dome gasket
  • Watertight door and hatch gasketing
  • Ship scuppers
  • Ramp door/stern gate gasket
  • Banding channel


Petroleum & Chemical

The products offered by Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket are highly used in the petroleum and chemical processing industries. With safety being a primary concern let us help find a solution for your fluid sealing and conveyance needs. With the ability to make perfect gaskets repeatably through waterjet cutting, we ask you to let us show you why we are the best. Some of our specialties include:


  • Custom gasket waterjet fabrication for all equipment
  • Repeatability of gasket production
  • Viton (r), Teflon (r), Gylon (r), Silicone, Hypalon, Graphite, and Vermiculite materials
  • Stainless and polypropylene hose fittings
  • Petroleum & chemical suction & discharge hose
  • Crimped hose assemblies with available testing for assured saftey
  • Stainless steel braided hose assemblies
  • Heat exchanger gaskets
  • Spiral wound and hybrid gaskets
  • O-rings 
  • Custom flange and lid fabrication (up to 6" thick metals)



Chesapeake Bay Rubebr & Gasket offers products and services suited for commercial ship repair, marine towing, marine environmental services, maritime transportation, propulsion manufacturing and repair, marine construstion and maintenance, and just about every sector of the marine industry. Take note of these common marine products:


  • Custom and standard flange gasket fabrication
  • Tank truck, steam, CHT, sewage, air, & water hose
  • Hydrostatic hose testing
  • Watertight door and hatch gasketing
  • Valves, couplings, & fittings
  • Pump and shaft packing
  • Fire hose & accessories
  • Dock bumpers and fendering
  • O-rings and o-ring cord
  • Cork gasket products
  • Oil Absorbent Pads



Production and safety rule the manufacturing sector, and Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket has the products and services you need to keep your plant running safe. Contact us for custom waterjet parts, to plant service hose, floor matting, and much more. 


  • Custom waterjet cut parts from any material
  • In plant service hose
  • Anti-fatigue & runner matting
  • Loctite products (adhesives & sealants)
  • Ducting hose
  • Camlock fittings
  • Hose banding & repair equipment products
  • Vinyl door curtain
  • UHMW fabrication
  • Air tubing
  • O-rings
  • Conveyor belting & accessories


Construction & Rental

Commercial & utiliy construction firms and the rental companies that help keep them working can find the products they need at Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket. 


  • Water suction & discharge hoses
  • Rubber & compressed sheet flange gaskets
  • Hydrant adapters
  • Fire hose & accessories
  • Conveyor belting & accessories
  • UHMW Fabrication
  • Camlock (cam & groove) couplings & fittings
  • Air tool hose assemblies
  • Quick disconnect air fittings
  • Hose clamps
  • Hose banding tools
  • Whip checks
  • Ball valves
  • Pump Diaphrams


Concrete & Aggregate

Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket also serves as your source for conveoyr belt and accessories. Specializing in heavy belt and assemblies we house capabilities for lacing up to 36" wide belt with a variety of splicing systems. No matter if you need bulk belt sales, custom assemblies, or simply accessories for field repair we have what you need. Along with a full line of industrial hose products CBR&G is ready to serve! 


  • Conveyor belt, lacing, fasteners, & accessories
  • Belt repair
  • Skirtboard
  • Chute lining and chute boots
  • Natural abrasion resistant gum rubber products
  • Cloth reinforced rubber products
  • Hot air blower hose
  • Material handling hose
  • UHMW fabrication
  • Water hose & fittings
  • Pump Diaphrams
  • Coolant hose


Food Processing

Safe and efficient domestic food processing keeps our grocery stores and our stomachs full, and we are pleased to offer products that support this industry. Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket has served the accounts of some of the largest names in the American food processing industries as well as smaller local farms, bottlers, bakeries, and more.


  • Food grade conveyor belt, lacing, fasteners, & accessories
  • Belt repair
  • FDA approved sheet rubber 
  • FDA sealing materials and gaskets
  • FDA gum rubber products
  • RTV
  • Wash down hoses
  • FDA PVC tubing products
  • UHMW fabrication
  • Silicone Products
  • Vinyl door curtain